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Berlin Cathedral

berlin cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral rises majestically in the vicinity of the River Spree, crowned by a dome of copper of greenish color.

It is the most representative religious building in Berlin, situated opposite the Lustgarten garden, between the Island of Museums and the site formerly occupied by the Imperial Palace.

The building of the cathedral was built between 1894 and 1905 on the foundations of a small baroque cathedral dating from 1747, just opposite the Imperial Palace.

This proximity to the palace made the cathedral the main court church of the Hohenzollern dynasty, as well as being the place where the family members were buried.

In 1944, like most buildings in Berlin, the temple was destroyed by a bomb that fell on the dome, causing serious damage to the interior.

Although reconstruction began in 1975, they were long and costly and were not completed until 2002.

Once in the interior of the cathedral, attention is drawn to both the altar enclosure, made of white marble and yellow onyx, and the imposing pneumatic transmission.

Also interesting is the access used by the imperial couple when they went to the cathedral, as they had a staircase of their own with all kinds of luxuries, through which they reached the Imperial Palace.
The Crypt of the Hohenzollern

The basement of the cathedral houses an important treasure, the Crypt of the Hohenzollern, known for housing the sarcophagi of members of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

In the crypt you can see more than 90 tombs of the members of the imperial family who died from the end of the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th century.

Through the sumptuous sarcophagi and coffins, more than 500 years of funerary culture of Brandenburg and Prussia are documented.

The route to the dome is done by a rather disastrous road, as if you were to reach an abandoned loft, but after climbing the 270 steps that lead to the top of the cathedral dome, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Center of Berlin that make it really worth the climb.

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