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The Gendarmenmarkt Square, built in the 12th century, is one of the most beautiful parts of Berlin. The name of the square, comes from the Gens d'Armes Regiment (armed men) that were quartered in her.

The twin churches

On both sides of the square, you can see two identical Baroque churches that are completed with a tower crowned by a dome.

The church in the north, Französischer Dom (French Church), was built for the French Huguenots who moved to the area in the 18th century.

In 1708, the German Lutheran community built a church in the south of the square, Deutscher Dom (German Church), similar to the French one, and years later, in 1785, they placed a tower almost identical to the French one.

The German church suffered serious damage during World War II and in 1980 was transformed into an artistic center, which later became a museum on the history of German democracy.

In the different plants of the museum, subjects like Revueltas of 1848, the Nazi states or the GDR are exposed.

Between the two churches is the Konzerthaus Berlin, home of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Its interior, almost completely destroyed during World War II, had to be restored to reuse it.

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