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Berliner Unterwelten

Berliner Unterwelten

Berliner Unterwelten

Although initially Hitler assured that the German Luftwaffe would not let any other country bomb the German cities, when the German decline began in World War II, the construction of bunkers began in the main cities, especially in Berlin.

During the Cold War, this system of tunnels and bunkers acquired special importance and in some cases was improved and prepared for a possible conflict.

Neither of the two Germans spent too much time creating new bunkers or preparing them for a nuclear conflict, since the possibility of nuclear attacks was despicable because it was a divided city.

Visiting bunkers

During the tours of the Underwelten Museum, a guide accompanies visitors through the bowels of one of the more than 3,000 bunkers that occupy the heart of the German capital.

Going through the subsoil, you will know how the bunkers were used during the war, who used them and how many people came to get into them during the last days of conflict, as well as interesting and overwhelming stories that happened between their concrete walls.

Depending on the day you take the tour, the tour can vary from the following options, all of them equally interesting:

  • Classic route: During the classic route, the visit to an atomic refuge is realized and later the installations of an original air-raid shelter of World War II are crossed.
  • Worlds in darkness: During the air strikes carried out during World War II about 80% of the city of Berlin was destroyed. Through the visit to one of the few bunkers that is preserved intact, you will be able to discover what the day-to-day life of the Berliners was like in their interior trying to survive.
  • "From Tower of Protection" to "Mountain of Debris": Hitler had several antiaircraft fortresses built to protect the civilian population. During the tour of two of the floors of one of the towers, the guide will inform you about the history and uses of this great structure.
  • Metro, Bunker and Cold War: Through this visit to the underground shelters visitors are shown the history of the city from an unconventional perspective.
  • The Wall and its ruptures: In this tour, the stories of the escape tunnels, the subterranean galleries that were revealed, some that failed and others that were a great success are revealed.
  • The "Time Machine" Fichtebunker: This is an old gasometer, more than 130 years old, which was converted into a bunker during World War II. Afterwards, the building was used in the most diverse and unusual ways.

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