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German Parliament of Berlin


German Parliament of Berlin

The old Reichstag building is the seat of the German Parliament (German Bundestag). It is a historic building with the appearance of a classical temple, crowned by a large modern dome through which you can walk.

Located next to the line that marks the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag remained almost 29 years separated from the nearby Brandenburg Gate.

Some events

The construction of the parliament building was completed in 1894. During its early years, it housed the German political forces until, with the end of World War I, workers and soldiers occupied the building and declared the Weimar Republic .

With the arrival of the Nazis to power, began a policy of repression and intimidation that caused Parliament to lose its power. In 1933, the building was the victim of a suspicious fire of which the culprit was never known. The position adopted was that of accusing a supposed Dutch communist agitator, leaving completely benefited the Nazis.

Hitler, taking advantage of the situation, abolished most of the fundamental rights of the 1919 Constitution of the Weimar Republic.

After World War II, the parliament building was destroyed and there was intense debate about its demolition or reconstruction. Finally, in 1956 they chose to rebuild it but without remaking its original dome.

The visit to the Parliament

After the ascent in the elevator you will be given an audioguide that will accompany you during the visit. At that time, you will find the most spectacular element of the building, the glass dome that is located directly above the Plenary Hall of Parliament.

The dome, redesigned by the architect Norman Foster for the reconstruction of the building, pretends to be a symbolic element with which it is clear that this place is the center of the parliamentary democracy and, the people, from the top, can see that all the Matters are brought with clarity.

Inside the dome, you can see a multitude of old photographs through which the history of Parliament is described through its most important moments.

At the top you can go out on the street, although the views are not too good if compared to those that are obtained from the Television Tower or from the Berlin Cathedral.
It is necessary to make a reservation in advance

It is now necessary to make a reservation in advance so that you can visit Parliament.

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