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Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace

The palace, built between 1695 and 1699 in a Baroque style, was designed as a summer resort for Sofia Carlota, Federico III's second wife.

After the coronation of Frederick as King of Prussia, in 1702, the palace was remodeled for its enlargement, although Queen Sofía Carlota did not live to see the finished work. In 1705, after his death, the palace, formerly called Lietzenburg, and the district in which it is located, were renamed Charlottenburg in his honor.

In 1943, bombings by the British Air Force over Berlin partially destroyed the palace and much of the building's decoration could not be completely restored.

During the visit the different rooms of the palace are crossed while the audio guide narrates the stories that took place in each one of them, transporting the visitor to the time in which royalty enjoyed the palace.

Although in some of the rooms the furniture and the original decoration of ceilings and walls are preserved, the second floor did not have much luck during the bombings and the frescoes of the ceilings and the decoration of the walls could not be saved.

Probably one of the greatest attractions of the palace is its extensive and manicured gardens, designed in 1697 in a French baroque style and renovated in 1788 in the English style. After the wreckage in the garden after World War II, it was rebuilt once again in 2001, giving it a baroque style again.

The gardens of the Charlottenburg Palace are a haven of peace in the city of Berlin, where you can spend hours walking around, relaxing by the lake or visiting the Little Belvedere Tea House, a small building from 1788.

It is interesting to visit the rooms of the palace since most of them are decorated as they were in the past and can transport us back in time, when they were still full of life.

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