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Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Neo-Romanesque church was built under the command of Kaiser Wilhelm II in honor of his grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm I. The church was not a building of special importance until it was destroyed by The bombs of allied attacks during World War II.

In 1950 plans were made for its demolition, but the citizens refused and the decision was made to create a memorial with the remains of the church.

Its bruised and blackened exterior is meant to recall the folly of war. In the interior, a small exhibition shows some photos of the time in which the church was destroyed by the bombings.

Nearby buildings

In front of the entrance of the church was built a modern chapel (called New Church) formed by blue crystals that reflect a beautiful light inside.

At the back of the church is an octagonal building full of blue windows that was built as a bell tower in 1960. It currently houses a souvenir shop.

The shape of the three buildings is called colloquially: "the compact, the chopped grindstone and the lipstick".

The Kaiser Wilhelm Church is one of the most interesting monuments in Berlin. Its peculiar aspect of ruined castle gives it a special charm that really achieves its objective: to remind everyone who sees that, through war, only people and architectural treasures are destroyed.

It is worth remembering that the church marks the beginning of Kurfürstendamm, the most important street in Berlin along with Unter den Linden.

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