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Tacheles, housed in a ruined building on the well-known Oranienburger Street, was Berlin's most famous alternative cultural center. At the moment it is closed to the expectation that the space is occupied by the facilities of a hotel.

What began years ago as a squat house, became an ideal place to enjoy original exhibitions, concerts and cafes.

After the fall of the Wall of Berlin the government decided to demolish the building, that was in ruins due to the bombings produced during World War II. A group of young artists from all over the world went ahead of the demolition and settled in the building, so that they managed to save it.

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After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a subculture with the main philosophy of autonomy, improvisation and spontaneity was created in eastern Berlin.

Many artists occupied the buildings that had been left empty due to the east migration towards the west and the citizens believed that it was a good idea that someone gave a use to the buildings instead of letting them to collapse.

What was in Tacheles

Throughout the five floors of the building you could find numerous artist workshops and some bars to sip something enjoying a different atmosphere, accompanied by the music of some unknown artist.

The courtyard of the Kunsthaus Tacheles was the improvised workshop of eccentric artists who worked and exhibited their works to sell them outdoors.

Tacheles aroused different opinions, liked or seemed a messy and dirty place, but it was one of the most emblematic places of Berlin and his visit was one of the essential until its recent closure.

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