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Berlin Holocaust Memorial

berlin holocaust memorial

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Built in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate between 2003 and 2005, the monument in memory of the murdered Jews in Europe aims to confront the notion of a monument in itself. The literal translation of the German name is "Memorial memorial to the Jews murdered in Europe".

It is a grid of 2,711 concrete blocks of different heights, which allows visitors to choose their way in and out.

From the southeast of the monument, you can access an underground space in which the information center is located.

Information Center

The visit to the information center begins with a review of the National Socialist policy of extermination carried out between 1933 and 1945.

In the next part of the exhibition, you can read the testimonies of some people besides the history of different families before, during and after the persecution.

One of the most impressive rooms is the one that shows its walls covered with the names and years of birth and death of the victims of the holocaust.

Reading the names and biographies of how they are presented, could last more than 6 years.

Different for each person

The Holocaust Memorial brings a great diversity of opinions among its visitors. For some, it is an awesome experience to walk the halls surrounded by higher slabs every time and, for others, it is a rather ugly place to see.

Whatever the outcome of the visit, what is clear is that the monument is a must stop for all tourists who, regardless of what they are told, must create their own opinion.

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