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Berlin Taxi

Berlin Airport Transfers

East Side Gallery

eastside gallery

East Side Gallery

The largest remaining section of the remains of the Berlin Wall measures 1.3 kilometers and is known as the East Side Gallery, the largest outdoor art gallery in the world.

Throughout the wall, you can see hundreds of graffitis by artists from all over the world, who tried to document through their works the change produced after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Through their works they express a great sense of euphoria and hope for a free and better future.

Through the paintings, the artists tried to express their protests and messages as a memory of such an important historical moment.

Most striking images

Really good works can be found along the wall, but the paintings of the Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev kissing Erich Honecker, leader of the German Democratic Republic, and the image of a Trabant (the car used in East Germany) Crossing the wall.

A special place

Berlin is a city that does not forget its recent past. The remains of the wall are already part of the city and East Side Gallery is one of the most important sections that are preserved, so it goes without saying that your visit is more than obligatory.

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